A Visionary Leader & Speaker

Suzanne Spencer is a speaker, thought leader and consultant committed to building companies, teams and people through transformational leadership.

Recognized as a “visionary” in the Recovery industry, she continues to collaborate with non-profits to provide strategic planning, program development, training and recruitment, fundraising and transformational leadership. A lifelong learner, Suzanne is currently working towards her Master's degree in Organizational Leadership and is always open to "kairos" moments that allow her to remain teachable while helping to grow others.

I knew what was most important to me and I was willing to stand by those choices in all I did.
— Suzanne Spencer

Amazon best selling book

Healthy, abundant & Wise

Healthy, Abundant and Wise is a collection of stories by inspired individuals who got there, live there, and discovered their innate power along the way. Suzanne is a contributing author and her chapter is titled, "A Compass 2 Life: One Woman's Journey from Living Empty to Dying Empty."