As Co-Founder of Heads Up Florida, Suzanne offers subject matter expertise to schools who look to design well-being and wellness based programming for school personnel. The goal is to increase preventative factors and mitigate personal and professional risk so that teachers and school personnel can continue the meaningful work they do daily. 


Working in a highly stressful environment on a daily basis exposes school personnel (e.g. teachers, administration, nurses) to, at minimum, burnout, and, worse, to vicarious trauma — a silent phenomenon that afflicts those who frequently work with traumatized populations.
— Revital Goodman, Ph.D.
Studies affirm the detrimental effect of vicarious trauma on school personnel, with staff reporting high levels of stress (Borntrager et al., 2012) and severe emotional consequences, including symptoms associated with PTSD (Collie, Shapka, & Perry, 2012). When considering that some adults have their own trauma history, vicarious trauma and toxic stress become critical occupational hazards for school personnel in our school system. Symptoms of toxic stress and of vicarious trauma often manifest at all levels the person’s daily functioning: physically, cognitively, emotionally, behaviorally, and spiritually.
— Co-Founders Suzanne Spencer M.S. & Revital Goodman, Ph.D.