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Taking groundbreaking action in the recovery field is nothing new for the Delray Beach Task Force or for Mrs. Spencer.
— Jeffrey Lynne

"There is a common saying which is floating through the recovery community as of that, which is that the opposite of “addiction” is not “sobriety,” but rather “community.” And science is continuing to support the notion that connectivity amongst human beings is a stronger buffer against relapse from Substance Use Disorder than abstinence and counseling (and perhaps Medication Assisted Treatment) alone.

Continuing in this line of thought, the Delray Beach Drug Task Force and its visionary leader, Executive Director Suzanne Spencer, has continued to push this concept forward by holding the first ever “SUD [Substance Use Disorder] Talks” in Delray Beach, Florida, on Thursday, February 11, 2016, at the historic Crest Theater in downtown Delray Beach. Attended by the “Who’s Who” of the recovery community, coupled with progressive law enforcement, educators, civic leaders, business owners, and interested citizens, the SUD Talks was modeled after the ever-popular “TED Talks” but with a subject focused upon how each individual in society is responsible for being their own “Agent of Change.”

Fulfilling its name as being the “Village by the Sea,” the City of Delray Beach itself was a major sponsor of the event, alongside “Visionary Sponsor” Michael S. Weiner, Esq., of the Weiner & Thompson law firm; “Idea Sponsor” Advanced Recovery Systems; “Thinker and Doer Sponsor” the Fred & Gladys Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Services; along with The Hanley Foundation and The Home Depot.

Moving, motivational, and inspiring, are just a few of the words repeated throughout the night, as the various speakers made presentations ranging from 8 to 45 minutes on topics such as The Hanley Foundation's Dr. D. John Dyben discussion on “There is No Such Thing as a Discount Human Being; ” Dr. Elaine R. Rotenberg’s conversation about "When Denial Becomes an Affliction;” to the main speaker for the evening, the nationally renowned conversationalist Dr. Carl Hammerschlag’s topic of "Healing In Community: Not Cutting Edge Nor Leading Edge, But 'Healing' Edge!" which led to a standing ovation.

Taking groundbreaking action in the recovery field is nothing new for the Delray Beach Task Force or for Mrs. Spencer. We hope this is simply the beginning of the next level of open community-based conversations to take place not only in Delray Beach, but countywide, statewide, and nationally."

By Jeffrey Lynne
Weiner, Lynne & Thompson, P.A.

Suzanne is a dynamic speaker who is skilled at energizing individuals and groups to press forward and work towards their goals. She is personable, relatable and well-versed in the field of substance use and recovery and her passion is evident.
— Florida Atlantic University, Phyllis & Harvey Sandler School of Social Work

Suzanne, I just want to let you know how grateful I am that you were present at today’s meeting. Your gift for getting to the heart of the matter while embracing a spirit of partnership and single minded focus for the good of the consumer is unquestionable and truly appreciated. Thank you for so perfectly framing the issue and organizing a solid plan and goal for the future which will undoubtedly yield favorable outcomes. Your dedication and passion are truly invaluable!!
— Florida Department of Children and Families

Suzanne provided resources to help manage psychosocial stressors at a pivotal stage in these patients’ lives. Every day her dedication and compassion would be demonstrated towards patients as well as the clinical team while always making sure her work harmonized with our treatment philosophy.
— A.K., LMHC

Suzanne is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She has successfully developed several case management tactics for our clients that have motivated and encouraged individuals to set high expectations for themselves in their goal to achieve self-sufficiency.
— M. H., M.Ed